Full Bouffant Petticoat #PC-101

Full Bouffant Petticoat #PC-101
Full Bouffant Petticoat #PC-101
Item# PC-101-White

Product Description

Providing a full bouffant silhouette for ball gowns, and larger circumference skirts. This petticoat not only offers the perfect volume for your dress but also offers tummy control!

The petticoat has an 8" long drop spandex waistline to help smooth your tummy. The slip features a comfortable elastic waist band which is 23" wide and stretches to 34" wide. From top of the waist to the bottom hem the petticoat is 40" in length.

Product Details:

  • Petticoat is 40" in length
  • Drop waist 8" in length
  • Spandex drop waistline
  • Elastic 23" wide waistband